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for us. >> they are saying that most of the filming in this case was done at the couple's middle river home. this is a story that had most of us in the media and police speechless. they were emt's charged with doing unthinkable things to children ages 2 years old to 13 years old. police believe there may be more but victim's -- more victims. >> this is gross. it is indecent. there is no other term but they felt term to describe it. >> in the story of a 34 year-old john nicklas and 26 year-old shannon honea the notion is all you can feel. it april started back on july 15. detectives were able to determine that child pornography was located inside their home here on the 9700 block -- in middle river. police seized computers and several cd's and dvd's. it was not until after police viewed the videos is when they determined that the suspects were part of the child pornography. >> they were part of the sexual acts and selling it. they were distributing it to other people. >> according to court documents the abuse involving children ages 2-13. a vast amount of prescription bottles were found
crime law. police are still looking for two more suspects in this case. they could use all the help they can get. anyone with information should call baltimore county police. wbal-tv. >> police have charged four people in connection with an identity that scheme. about 100 victims have had their personal and financial information stolen. some people discovered some suspicious paperwork. they learned that residents in colombia and some other areas were victimized. they were not the only ones. >> we then discovered that today new driver's license, credit cards, and other identifying documents from victims from several states. >> the trail of a victim's runs into virginia, florida, and georgia. these suspects are all from florida. two are in jail and the others have been released. mayor sheila dixon wants information after the original indictment in january. any subpoenas issued after the indictment is an abuse of the grand jury system. personal misconduct charges that were earlier dismissed are now included in the latest indictment against her. tom >> today the obama administration gav
her and drove off. it's a great tragedy for someone coming to join us for worship and celebrate their spiritual life. it's a later thing. police found nor wood and his vehicle here later. he was detained for questioning. vehicles move quite fast. many know as they come and go, they need to bre very careful. accidents happen very frequency. police do not think speed was a factor in the crash. the throw men accused of killing harris are set to go on trial. the suspects have all pled not guilty in the murder. >> police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man in oweings mill. investigators were called to the home. the man had died. they do say this is now a homicide investigation. police in howard county are searching for a man who was shot at a birthday party. call police with information. investigating what lead up to a triple stabbing in east baltimore. the girl, a man and woman were found suffering from stab wounds. >> firefighters are found on the scene. city fire crews are credited with recently installing smoke alarms. in east baltimore, crews new t
of reports of chemical issues. that is not true. >> us where rumors of the player's condition. >> there were rumors that several players were in critical condition, and that is not the case for review of the flyers were alert and to talk to arthur meighen we were able to gather information -- able to talk to us. we were able to gather information based on what they told >> taking hydration briggs and not waiting until it is too late -- >> all are expected to be treated and released. >> there is continuing coverage of the high school students injuries on our web site at you can also leave your comments about the story. >> baltimore police are investigating the city's latest,. authorities were called to the 100 block of south highland ave. there were reports of a man being shot. anyone with information should call baltimore police. the three suspects police say beat an elderly fisherman are behind bars. one of the man was a white supremacist. we are taking a closer look at hate crimes and the people who commit them. terry has the story. >> the victim is home from the hospital but b
today. pete gilbert is it live in the studio to tell us what may be the shortest determine in the nfl. >> two and a half weeks of retirement proved enough for derrick mason. he surprised everyone, showing up for training camp ready to play football once more. he sent a letter to the nfl asking to be reinstated on the raven's roster. he took his physical and is set to practice with the team sunday morning. his original decision to retire stunned everyone. it came just two days after lange his good friend, steve mcnair, to rest. dominics box worth homecoming, how he is sitting in. -- how he is fitting in. that is coming up later. >> of the u.s. house is headed home for the august recess. the senate is not far behind. lawmakers will try to extend the popular cash for clunkers program. democrats and republicans are drawing battle lines for the upcoming fight over health care and how to get the economy moving again. >> if you want to know how tough times are, go to kansas city, kan., where 3000 people showed up for a school supply giveaway. our national, where the local humane society is i
. -- and the health department is making it easier to get to the cooling centers. >> people can use the bus passed to get to a cooling center. we have six of them and we have cooling centers at all of our senior centers. >> the cooling centers are located in an all city community action centers tomorrow and tuesday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. to find a location closer to you, call 311. you can go to our web sites for more information. two residents were killed in a plane crash this past weekend. it took off in taneytown. our reporter spoke with the families today and joins us live. >>letty williams leaves behind some sons and grandchildren and a legacy. it shows a spirit of the venture and a legacy of life. >> it is devastating. >> he says it is just darting to sink in that his mother is gone. she died -- it is just starting to sink in that his mother is gone. she died during the plane crashed in carroll county. >> she was an accomplished woman. she was a professional. she did a lot of good things. a lot of people love her. she loved a lot of people. she is going to be missed. >> the
a reminder, you can always fall the forecast by using our interactive radar. it allows you to track rain or storms down to your very own street. you can log on to our website, and then click on whether. -- click on weather. >> we looked at the executive protection for baltimore mayor sheila dixon. the around the clock police protection goes with the job of most mayors. as most mayors -- as most cities struggle with budget, her benefits remain on top. >> she arrives in a city-owned suv, driven by city police officer. her past it's clear by police officers, full time to a security detail. there is often a retired police officer who helps -- who helps keep the matter moving when reporters would rather she stop and chat. it all adds up to a substantial investment by city taxpayers. >> i am not answering any questions. >> they spire comparison, it puts baltimore in the top tier of protections for mayors. -- based on our comparison. there are seven officers and a sergeant assigned. the issue be -- she has three vehicles assigned. the cherokee sits in the mayor's driveway in case she
the helicopter wreckage. >> they are using side scanning sonar to locate the airplane. >> the victims on board the helicopter. on board, the pilot and two passengers including a child. soon after the crash, officials say that it was clear that nobody could have survived. >> this has changed to a recovery mission. >> flying conditions were nearly ideal. the helicopter took off from the manhattan heliport. the small plane that departed new jersey. it appeared that the plane clipped the helicopter's tail. >> it was completely submerged. and there was nothing else. >> the pilot of another helicopter refueling at the heliport tried to warn his colleagues. >> and he warned them. you have a fixed wing behind you. there was no response from the pilot. >> the planes were flying below 1,000 feet. pilots are not required to maintain radio contact. normal operating procedure in this busy corridor. there will likely be a debate whether more safety rules are needed. divers are expected to be back in the water on sunday at daybreak to resume their search for victims. >> there is continuing coverage of the co
olence, it could frighten people away. kerry cavanaugh joins us from downtown with more of the story. >> the police presence we have seen this evening is reminiscent of what we saw during the springtime after several people where jump in the downtown area. a lot of foot traffic. that is because of the baseball game. many are concerned about incidences' like this. downtown baltimore had a rebirth several years ago. it the harborplace transformed into a place of culture and leisure. one person watched the vision unfold as she works for the baltimore office of tourism. >> you do not have to sit inside a restaurant. if you were working downtown, you could go outside any outside a cafe near the harbor. it is a great place to job. >> this past weekend, two people were shot inside of the pavilion. >> we have always had incidences' at the harbor. they were not very frequent. they happen occasionally. they happen in other places it in the city. this is not the first time nor will it be the last. >> some are concerned about the long-term impact of businesses around the harbor. >>
and a rescue shelter says this crime should be used as a lesson to others. the group says that punishment is too lenient. >> there definitely needs to be counseling on top of more jail time. people need to know that this is unacceptable. i think that everyone needs to recognize that. all lot of people say it is just a cat, or just an animal, but it is a living being, and we need to all show some compassion. we need to recognize that if they could do that to an animal, they could do that to a human being, too. >> police say that is the sixth case of animal abuse in the past few months. >> lisa found 74 dead cats in her columbia home back in 2006 predict police found 74 dead cats. neighbors complained about an odor coming from the town house that she shared with her mother. for people recovering after an accident involving an ambulance in southwest baltimore. fire officials say there was a collision around what 30 this afternoon. to paramedics were taken to mercy medical center. the two people in the suv were treated at the university of maryland medical center. >> exactly how this accident
of a prisoner who escaped custody. devin sham wayne was being trance importanted when he used his handcuffs to choke a future before fleeing on duty. >> coming off a very bless and weekend weather-wise. we had saturday and sunday with comfortable temperatures. tomorrow we are going to be doing it again on monday. looking at the satellite, a few clouds in southern maryland. overall waking up to a good amount of sunshine in the morning. still 82 downtown, 78 at the airport. 77 in east-on, ocean city at 75. for the rest of the night, clear with a few passing clouds. winds light but now out of the south, which will allow humidity to begin to move in. temperatures down 62-70 degrees. we will talk about how long we can keep this track of dry and comfortable weather. your full seven-day forecast, plus the latest on claudette, anna and bill, new tromp systems. >> natural resources police believe alcohol may have been a factor on a boating accident on kent island that injured four people. sauder was taken to shock trauma in critical condition. a male packager was taken to another hospital. ocean cit
.m. right here. u.s. health officials refing of possible age one in one flu outbreak are now going to the -- a possible h1n1 flu outbreak are now going to the internet to find information. they are part of the largest multimedia campaign ever. medical experts say they want to help people avoid, especially those most decorous, and they are using facebook, youtube, and other platforms to reach a wide range of age groups. >> this going to be as important as the vaccine. >> we need to come up with products and interesting information people can get any time of the day and anywhere they are. >> the media blitz is part of the seriousness place of the potential risk. health officials across the state are also preparing for a possible outbreak of the h1n1 flu virus this fall, and they are having to do so with less financial resources. >> these local health department cuts, which are happening to every single health department, are now cutting into it. >> a health officer during an interview literally minutes after he told his staff 10% of them would be laid off, saving $800,000. his story
of even looking at a new alternative plan until one of the proposals is given to us in writing. and it has to be accompanied by the mandatory licensing fees. members of the public are concerned over the timing and locations. this one was held at 4:30 p.m.. >> if you wanted your input, you should consider having these meetings in the community at a time when people can attend. that is how you get input from the public. >> fry says that would advertise the meetings would last until 630 or 7:00. attendance has still been lackluster. >> that would give people ample time to come. we have had, quite honestly, very few members of the public to attend. >> we're told bceg plans to give a written document next month. the process as long from over. live from the studio, wbal tv 11 news. >> switching gears now, a conde today. -- a call not day today. -- a calm day today. >> danny is still hundreds of miles off the coast. " we found that it has strengthened a bit, wind up to 50 miles an hour. it could become a category one hurricane. as danny is approaching, we see a few scattered thunderstorms. the we
with the latest. >> please tell us that the unidentified man and his wife were packing up from fishing when they were approached by three men who were yelling racial slurs at them. the man received critical injuries and given the past criminal history of one of the suspects, police tell us that they have no doubt it was a hate crime. >> we are handling it as a hate crime. we are proceeding that way. >> baltimore's top cop says he is sickened by what investigators say what happened here early tuesday morning. three white men are accused of beating a 76 old black man as he and his wife were trying to lead after an evening of fishing. after the beating, the suspect stole the man's truck. what they did not know is that it was equipped with the gps tracking device which led police right to them in northeast baltimore. >> police tried to pursue the vehicle. these suspects jumped out and fled. with the help of a local citizen, they saw where one of the suspects went. they called the police and we were able to find him. >> arrested was a 28 year-old man who is a registered sex offender who has char
have to do all the things he would have done for us, for each other, and for our country. ♪ >> tomorrow, the senator will be eulogized by president obama to whom kennedy said he was passing the torch. and at arlington national cemetery, kennedy will be buried next to his brothers. >> and of course you could what senator kennedy's funeral live right here on wbal at 10:00 tomorrow morning. at 5:30, nbc news will carry his burial live. his life, legacy, and the family dynasty is sunday morning at 10:00. a disturbing discovery inside a county home. 21 dogs found living in deplorable conditions on seabreeze drive in orchard beach. we have more with where the dogs were taken. >> animal control has the dog right now. they are being cleaned and given the medical attention they need. officials hope to find them good homes where they are treated much better from -- at much better than the home they came from. they lived in deplorable conditions. >> you could hear the dogs howling and smell the smell. >> and that is why she called officials friday morning. she had no idea how bad it was, and what
. >> it will create opportunity for us and the car dealers, and i think as an economic stimulus. we need to order cars. the steel plants need to get going. it puts people back to work. >> on a back lot, old and be up heaps said disabled, drained of their fluids. to qualify for the government- backed program, owners of these vehicles had to drive them in. allen and geraldine donald test out a new fuel efficient ford, but the deal hits a snag. our car, which is 24 years old, originally a said it got 90 miles to the gallon -- 19 miles to the gallon, so it does not qualify. >> so i am left with might 25- year-old car. >> other dealers wonder when they will get their money. >> is been a challenge for us. we have done close to four hundred deals and we have only been paid on tens of four. so the federal government owes us over $1 million. >> the dealership is confident they will get paid. >> dealers have until 8:00 p.m. monday night to finish all of their paperwork. they are telling customers, do not wait until the last minute to come in. aaa says there are several things to keep in mind before you go to th
night in america" and bob costas is coming out on the road with us. and that all starts on the first sunday night of the season when we will see the chicago bears against the green bay packers. from the 46 yard line. to the 47. here goes adrian peterson. let's get a word from andrea. >> andrea: well, obviously, you guys talking about brand ob brandon marshall but what happens when he comes back to the team on september 6th? kyle orton and champ bailey told me he has a long way to go to earn his teammates' trust and win back the locker room. bailey said he will have to see how he is going to do out there on the field and he'll know right away if he is not giving his all and if he is not, it would be, quote, a big problem. i asked champ point blank do you think brandon marshall plays with this team this year? he said, i don't know. 50/50. the bottom line for him is there is no way he has any leverage. >> al: that is to be determined on every level as over the middle, the tight end picked up from detroit, making the catch. 2:50 to play, first and ten at the denver 33
. >> we are praying that the scottish government does the right thing by us and our children and all of our loved ones. melissa carlson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> despite reports that a decision has already been made in the case, a court says it will have a ruling by the end of the month. >> and now back to the breaking news we first told you about at the top of the newscast. michael phelps was involved in a two-car accident just about two hours ago. police were called to the intersection around 9:00 tonight. what we do know is phelps was not injured. the person in the vehicle in front of him was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> we had a traffic accident on val kert and fiddle street. one driver was michael phelps. another was a female driver who was transported to an area hospital as a precaution. mr. phelps did not complain of any injuries. we have asked our people to investigate this, and they are literally interviewing mr. phelps, passengers and witnesses right now. >> tonight people tell us they do know that alcohol was not involved in that accident. another marylander has died
reporter joins us in white marsh. we hear that maryland got a big chunk of the stimulus money. >> maryland is surely the biggest shot of the stimulus money. it will be split between this plant in white marsh another general motors facility in michigan. the money is insurance for workers at the plant. those who have been furloughed here will still have jobs. the pace is about to pick up at this transmission plant in white marsh. general motors is receiving $105 million in federal stimulus money to develop components for electric cars. that is the largest of the grant included in the $2.4 billion earmarked for the industry. the money will few prediction -- production at the baltimore county facility. >> it will provide some stability in white marsh. employees are looking for stability. >> the 200 for plant employees were furloughed this year due to lagging demand for the truck parts made here. vice-president joe biden predicts the initiative will revitalize the american auto maker. >> the future success of electric cars relies unfettered batteries. by rick -- relies on better batteries. this
at a young age. they need to know they are here to help us and help fight crime. >> neighbors all over the area made a stand against crime tonight as they came together. the baltimore police program has programs for young ambassadors. >> we learn about different forms of law enforcement. we have fun days. >> the program has kept these boys from having to much idle time. >> we get bored and think of stupid things to do. we get in a lot of trouble for it. >> citizens on patrol showed solidarity for first responders. >> it scares the bad guys away. it makes the residents aware of what they should be doing and how alert they should be for crime. >> police say this event opened new doors to detectives charged with cutting crime. >> any of the police at the defense will tell you that many people come up to them and talk to them about problems in the neighborhood. that is exactly the point of this. >> some of tonight's event served as recruiting opportunities for baltimore city police. it a permit recently received a $10 million federal grant to put 15 more police officers on the street. repo
. it is inappropriate for us to do so. >> a bad day as an air traffic controller could result in the loss of hundreds of lives. >> to faa employees were placed on leave in connection with the crash. a routine traffic stop ended with a mother being taser in front of her children. started when a police officer pulled the mother over for talking on her cell phone. >> i handed him my license and registration and as he started to walk back towards his car, i got out of my car, under the impression or hoping that he was going to show me the camera tape. he asked me to get back in the car, and then he pulled out his taser and said i was under arrest. i said don't do this in front of my kids. >> are for harmon was in the car with two of her children when she was pulled over and ticketed for talking on herself on and speeding. sean andrews also charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and taser bourke- white's. >> the first shot jolted me, and i was trying to get back in a car again, because i was scared. then he yanked me away again and that is when he chased me, and i went down on the ground. >
the job because we have too many people depending on us. >> the governor took $36 million from the private colleges. that includes the university of maryland and morgan state university. he left a primary and secondary education and touch. the governor will present these to the board of public works tomorrow morning. >> there is continuing coverage of the state budget cuts on our web site at in a move that surprised some, president obama nominated ben bernanke for another four-year term the president hailed bernanke's actions through the downturn, saying he prevented the worst richard he saw the worst crisis since the depression. others argue that was only after he wrecked the economy. >> approached a financial system on the verge of collapse with wisdom, bold action, and out of the box thinking, that has helped put the brakes on our economic freefall. >> the senate still has to confirm the fed share to a second term. tonight, the launch of space shuttle discovery was delayed. >> engineers were in the middle of filling the huge external fuel tank when the countdown stopped. the
of the five deadliest hunches in u.s. history. >> well, as far as what once was danny, it completely dissipated. it is just area of low pressure we can barely detect well to our north. it wasn't a player in our weather. a front generated some strong showers and storms earlier. we had a severe thunderstorm warning for kent county and queen an as county. things now are starting to calm down. we could see a shower or two more after midnight, and then we are going to see more stable air tomorrow. you can see this dry air starting to move in here. that is good news. earlier you could see that bright blue. it has since dispatrioted. the tropics are quiet right now. there is a wave, but it is not showing any good signs of development. for us, we are going to be much cooler and drier as we head into the second half of our weekend and the first part of the week. temperature-wise it is still very humid. 75 downtown, 73 at the airport. we are 9 around easton, 77 in cambridge. as far as high, we hit 85 but still very humid to start the day. 71 was the low. this is deceiving, no precipitation. th
with a five year-old girl was also hit by a stray bullet. our reporter joins us live from outside of the baltimore city police headquarters. >> people in cherry hill say that 59 year-old woman is a staple in the community. she is the glue holding it together, doing so much to curb the violence out there. imagine the irony that she is sitting at home and notices that she has been shot by a stray bullet. she tells of her first reaction when she was hit by a stray bullet as she was sitting on her couch in her home around 9:00 tuesday night. she heard a loud boom. you can see where the bullet went through this window and threw her couch. >> i put pressure right there. i saw blood on my fingers. i realize i had been shot. >> she heard a few more shots and then police and paramedics arrived. the unbelievable part of this story is that she is considered a top activist in the cherry hill community. she says she has had enough. >> nobody wants to get involved. nobody wants to say anything. this is never going to stop. >> wednesday night, one commissioner was out with other citizens. this i
, including that he was not competent to act as his own attorney at trial. he will now appeal to the u.s. supreme court. some good news for people who travel through and live around north baltimore. that intersection at no. park wearing -- northern parkway and the interstate, traffic is moving once again. things are not good on the other side of the city. there is another water main break that ruptured at 10:30 a.m. this morning. jim joins us. >> we have a very active seen tonight. crews are still here and working as they have been all day to fix this water main break. the department of public works is not sure what caused the water main to break but it caused a lot of problems for nearby homeowners >> that is a tv that was way back there. >> this is what her basement looks like after she got an emergency call from neighbors and rushed home from work. >> i looked at and this is only about 4.5 feet of water. she found her tv floating and her computer and other items destroyed, including some artwork by her cousin. her neighbor was still trying to pump the for field water from his own base
, you can follow the forecast by using our interactive radar. it allows you to track rain or storms down to your street. go to and click on weather. baltimore county police are investigating a deadly accident in essex. authorities say a man in his 20's was killed when he was hit by the motor on a boat. it happened on bayside drive. city police are investigating a bizarre shooting involving one of their officers. it happened just after 4:30 yesterday morning inside shon's food market. police say they were investigating a burglary when they were fronted by a man wearing a mask and brandishing a screw driver. they shot the man and he was pronounced dead. about 30 minutes later, things took a drastic change. >> after being observed moving or taking a breath or sigh. they returned to that location, treated the victim and transported him to a nearby hospital. >> the medics who responded to the scene are facing an intern investigation. the suspect is listed in critical victim. shots were fired just after 1:00 in the 80 block of allendale street. that is where police found an 18-year-
of the water and only swim near lifeguards. the rip currents will still be high tomorrow. for the rest of us, the shower and thunderstorm chance, partly sunny for most of the day, 82 high 287 degrees. an ice pack and shipping out -- a nice day shaping up, but the next round of thunderstorms could be here friday and saturday. >> what do you have on tap? >> he is hitting the ball. he hit the ball hard tonight, over and over. look at that guy. >> let's talk about brian roberts. he hit the ball hard facing the white house, but could not figure out how to bend around back him. carlos quinn, david hernandez -- not even a obama giving the name -- one-zero, chicago. first base, and i do not even know what to say about this attempt at stealing. but he should go to the dugout and hide in shame. there we go again. goodness, gracious. he should be smiling. you see roberts all night long. nice play for the orioles. quickly flies into a third, burning like a hanging in, does not cross the plate first. this one does not count. no counterattack with the bat. for-one is your final. florida versus mexico, jas
court. >> that was the president speaking on the confirmation of sotomayor to the u.s. supreme court. the vote came in late this afternoon and it makes her the first hispanic to serve on the high court. we have more. >> the vote comes after a contentious confirmation battle whose outcome was never in doubt. >> yeas are 68. the nomination of seminole sotomayor of new york to be an associate justice of the supreme court of denies states is concurrent class is confirmed. >> this is a wonderful day for the judge and her family. i think it is a wonderful day for america. >> his first pick was expected to win confirmation. supporters praised her life story and accomplishedments. thursday's final debate return to the president's comment to rule on apathy. >> her speeches and writings of the years revealed a philosophy that highlights the importance of personal preferences. >> but supporters fired back. >> there is no record of substituting her personal views for the law. >> in the end, nine republicans across the aisle to vote for her. she will be sworn in on saturday in two ceremonies, a p
county republican county chair used his network of context to organize this vocal opposition at the town hall meeting on monday. >> these were citizens there were upset with public policy. that rarely happens. not only in maryland, but it rarely happens nationwide when citizens are upset with a public policy. senator ben cardin got an earful from country up -- hundreds of angry constituents. >> i think this exceeds the largest numbers we have had in the past. we have had some help the town hall meetings in the past. this was an exception. >> both sides agree that the meaning may trump the motivation. >> it is an opportunity to exchange views. we answer questions in a respectful way. i had a chance to respond to questions. >> anytime you can involve public opinion is a wonderful thing. i like to see more of it. >> both sides know the health care reform debate will rate all summer long. the liberals are moving and mobilizing counter protest on its web site. they said it is getting ugly. tv republican colleagues continue to rally their troops for the next health-care showdown in maryland. w
approves it for license and use, our job is to get it all over the state. >> vaccinations will start with an estimated 2.5 million people considered at risk for the swine flu. >> this vaccine does change the way people are being treated, and if it does save hundreds of thousands of lives over the world, i can't say, i was part of that. >> the university of maryland is one of eight trial sites across the country nationwide. 2400 volunteers have enrolled in three different studies, all looking at the swine flu vaccine. we have heard some rumblings of vendors here on tv hill. it is always a sign of storms moving across the area. ujjjtj of thunder cura gdl. coggs this is all a result of the key -- >> this is all a result of the heat and humidity. you can still see a lot of lightning strikes moving to the west of anne arundel county and to the parts of the day. you will see it on the eastern shore locations, especially heading southeast through caroline county in the next hour or so. it will not produce too much rain, but a lot of lightning and they will move through in the overnight. bra
been to iraq and has been in the military. he's been honest with us from day one. he told his side of the story. i'm sure both sides will come out. i'm sure our confidence will figure it out and sort it out for everybody. >> the impact -- the pick six and he got into the bad field goal. and just overall just dominating force on the front line. >> hello. how many defensive line get receptions. that's not a fluke. he's just a heck of an athlete. i don't know what we're going to do with him. maybe we'll put him at linebacker or corner. he's just right -- not up in the corner. strike that. but he's a special -- he's a special player. >> and frank walker has struggles in the second half. did you notice those plays? >> the touchdown was tough. they caught us and checked to a fade there. and sometimes they'll make the play on you. i thought it was a great throw and great catch. the coverage was pretty good there. frank was stripping in the pocket and they made a play. the third down play you like to see them tighter. but frank was battling and competing. they got him a couple of times. we
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